Getting Prepared

…for the holiday week!

I went grocery shopping today and picked up ingredients for a few things I was going to make this week.

Peppermint Bark

Would you believe that there were no peppermint flavored candy canes at Stop-n-Shop? Maybe it was hidden somewhere, but all I seemed to find was tropical flavored or cherry flavored. Not gonna fly. Hopefully I’ll find some at Wal-Mart when I make my trek there for paper towels and laundry detergent. I’m either going to use this recipe or this one (with peppermint on top).

Pumpkin Ginger Snaps

I found this recipe on this blog and I thought what a great recipe to use up the massive can of pumpkin that my husband bought me.

So those will be baked this coming week as part of my gifts to the family. When I was in the store today, I perused the cheese selection and picked up some brie. Along with that I decided on some dried figs (they didn’t carry fresh) and will probably pick up some French or Italian bread at the end of the week and bring that to my parent’s house on Christmas day for some afternoon nibbles.

For breakfast this morning, I had my Crock Pot steel cut oats that I had made overnight. As a side note, my oats always burn around the edges. Come to think of it, everything I make it the Crock Pot seems to singe on the side. Any trick to that? Maybe I’m setting my time for too long. The oats in the middle came out great, though!

I had it with a side of my quick brown bread, half of a banana and coffee.

David and I took my car down to the mechanics today so that they can fix the timing belt. I also had them check the gas tank/lines because it seems that my mileage is dropping. For instance, I have a ’96 Toyota Camry and up until recently, I’ve been able to average about 28-30 miles per gallon. My last trip was 23 mpg. I know that I drive some in the city, but the majority is on the highway so that kind of drop seems really surprising. I’m hoping it’s nothing big.

For lunch, I had a delicious tamale from Archer’s Farm’s of Target. I couldn’t believe how much it tasted like the tamales I had in Mexico! Another rave for Target’s grocery store!

And during the afternoon, it started snowing! The first snowfall of the season is always exciting for me. After a month or so though, I get sick of it. There’s only so many days of cautious driving that I can take before I go crazy.

It lasted the majority of the afternoon and gave us a nice 2 inches of snow. Love it!

For dinner, I had picked up some Butter Chicken Curry mix at the grocery store. I was feeling ethnic tonight. And David was more than happy with the choice. Instead of basmati rice, I opted for some whole wheat couscous that I had sitting in my cupboard for a while.

I’m happy with that!

I love my holiday plates! Crate and Barrel has the best selection for this time of year.

The dinner was quick and simple and tasted delicious. Of course, the curry helped *ahem* clear things up a bit.

Tomorrow it’s off to the dentist for me. Even though I have never had a cavity, braces or any kind of serious dental issue, I still hate going to the dentist. Why do those instruments have to be so pointy? I’ll probably be lectured about not getting my wisdom teeth checked out, too. In our situation though, it’s just too expensive. We’ll see what happens!

Have you had your wisdom teeth taken out? I’m so apprehensive about it if I end up having to go that route.


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3 Responses to Getting Prepared

  1. Babygirl says:

    Nice post.. and nice pictures

  2. funandfearlessinbeantown says:

    Indian food sounds perfect for a cold snowy night like yesterday!

    I’ve had my wisdom teeth out and it was honestly not a big deal. I was swollen the day of the surgery but after that, the swelling went down and I was fine the next day!

  3. I think I’ve liked all of the items I’ve tried from Target. It’s just an all-around good store!

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