Cooking and Me

“Oh, I love that recipe. I’m going to add that to my meal list this week!”

“That’s a keeper for my recipe book!”

“Can’t wait to make those tomorrow morning.”

These are common comments that I have made on food blogs and I have yet to actually make anything. You know why? I’m actually kind of intimidated. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to cook and I certainly have my staples, but I seem to rely on them a lot. And I rarely get out of that “cooking bubble”.

I think that’s why so many of my posts have been about baking because it’s down to a science. I can follow the recipe to a T and the dish will come out great. When it comes to dishes where you can add a spice here or there, or substitute ingredients, that’s when I start to think “What if this doesn’t taste good?” “What if I’ve wasted the ingredients?”

I would love to utilize more of my cookbooks and get ideas from blogs, Foodbuzz, magazines, etc, but I must admit it is quite overwhelming! Everything looks so good and I just want to try it all. This is where a weekly meal plan will come in handy I’m sure. Having that ready when I go to the grocery store, I’m sure will alleviate some of the tension I have. It is tough to get into it though because David and I have such differing schedules. I work the 2p-10p shift at the hotel and he works the 10p-6a shift at his security job. And for the next week, he’ll be working Army as well. It’s tough to be able to get our schedules together where we can actually sit down and have a meal. Maybe lunch will have to be that meal! Maybe I’ll try Tina’s cookbook challenge and make a new sandwich once or twice a week to try and shake things up.

I’m also dying to make some more breakfast items. But what to make for the husband who doesn’t like eggs and who generally doesn’t like eating breakfast? These are in my radar (but in pancake form) and I would like to make more adventurous oatmeal dishes a la Kath.

Now, onto Monday. Today was my last day of my three day weekend. Here is a recap:

Social Networking
David’s burgers and a Saucy Army
Ristorante Saraceno

This morning I was determined to continue my exercise kick and I’m hoping it will certainly stay with me! David told me that it was frigid outside so it was a good excuse to get my P90X on.

This workout always makes me sweat and it makes my triceps kill! That’s definitely a problem area for me because they are not very strong.

My breakfast came a little bit later in the afternoon so I made sure it was substantial.

What a handsome mug. :-P My TJ’s British muffins were topped with scrambled eggs (1 part regular egg, 2 parts egg whites) and one topped with Teddie’s peanut butter. I had it with a side of banana with plain yogurt, honey and almonds. And of course, my cup o’ joe with organic vanilla syrup, half n half and Sugar in the Raw.

The afternoon consisted of cleaning up the kitchen and making a Target run. I also looked for a new top for my holiday party this Thursday. I didn’t find anything exciting (the theme is Arabian nights) but I did find a sweater for my sister-in-law’s birthday party this weekend!

When I got home, I stuck a few chicken breasts in the Crock Pot and let them simmer, with some low sodium vegetable broth, salt and pepper, on high for 3 hours.

They came out fork tender but after a while out of the broth, they became rather dry. Hmmm. Something to work on. For a side dish I had broccoli and Annie’s Mac-n-Cheese (mixed with Greek yogurt).

It was a delicious dinner. Right now I’m watching Hoarders (it is Monday night!) and they’re showing clips for the new show Heavy which premiere’s in 1 week. I am definitely intrigued and will most like try and catch those episodes. I’ve also been watching I Used to be Fat on MTV and the show is actually really inspiring. Some of the kids whine and complain at first but they finally get to a point where they are happy with themselves and it definitely makes me think of the way I used to be and what it took for me to get where I am today.

Do you enjoy makeover shows like I Used to be Fat?

I’ve posted a lot in the last day or two because tomorrow I’m working back to back shifts and with the snow storm I may have to stay at the hotel. May not be back to blogging until Wednesday. Bundle up Boston!

P.S. Matt over at Kitchen of a Runner is having a coconut chips giveaway! Ends January 14th!

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6 Responses to Cooking and Me

  1. oh my gosh i LOVe makeover shows… im such a sucker.. i used to be fat is great!

  2. Michelle says:

    I am definitely way more comfortable with cooking and adapting recipes than baking. Baking totally intimidates me for the same reason you like it – it is an exact science! I’m hoping to bake more once I’m off my carb-free cleanse! Also, I love the new layout of the blog!

    • Alaina says:

      Thank you! I’m liking it too; I like a layout that has more “space”. I hope my cooking fear goes away. I’ve been thinking about taking an adult culinary class. :-)

  3. For a second I thought you said your broccoli had Greek yogurt mixed in it- that actually sounds good!

  4. I have the same feeling when I’m changing the recipe or adding a little something “new” – what if I’m wasting these ingredients? What if it turns out horrible?!
    But you’re right – we just have to learn to trust ourselves. And reading‘s post on “cooking/baking fails” made me feel much better. You should read it, too! :)

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