10 Years Ago

Ten years ago today, my beloved Grandmama, Laureanne, passed away from pancreatic cancer. She was only 70 years old. I can honestly say that not a day goes by where I don’t think about her. She was such a wonderful grandmother to her 6 grandchildren. She loved her oldest grandchild (21 years) with the same intensity that she loved her youngest (11 months). I remember fondly the holidays and celebrations in their house in Bangor, ME and the summer weeks spent on Moulton Pond in Dedham, ME.

Myself and Grandmama at my high school graduation in 2002


Grandmama and Grandpapa visiting me in college in 2003/2004


Goofing around at my cousin Aimee’s high school graduation in 2004


My last photo of Grandmama at my cousin Mae’s christening in 2004


I’ll always have the memories of eating her delicious “food…good food”. Or when she would stock pile ice cream and cake cones at their cottage for me and my cousins to enjoy. Some of my favorite meals were her lasagna and ground beef over mashed potatoes (beef scallop? Is that right Mom?). But nothing stands out more to me than when she would set up breakfast with everything you could possibly imagine (cereal, bagels, fruit, pastries, OJ, yogurt, etc…) It’s no lie to say that I always ate extremely well when we visited.

Holidays, especially Christmas, were always the best. They had the fullest tree, set up in the living room next to the baby grand piano. They would illuminate orange candles in their windows, and even though they may be out of fashion now, I would love to put them up during the holidays (if nothing more than for nostalgia). At Easter, they would present us with carefully crafted baskets filled with chocolate and stuffed animals. And at every holiday, as a family, we would all walk to church; a community in which my grandmother was a beloved member. She had such a boisterous singing voice that I can still hear today. I can smell her too. And she always gave the best hugs.

I could, quite honestly, write an epic essay on how much I love and miss my dear Grandmama. She was one of a kind, and I am so grateful to have these wonderful memories that I get to recall anytime I want. My family and I still tell fond stories about her, and we laugh and smile. I’m sure we’re all thinking of her on this day, as we do every day. She is constantly with us, looking over us, and watching out for us.

Je t’aime Grandmama.


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