My July 4th Weekend

This past weekend, I was able to spend the 4th of July holiday in Boston. Unfortunately it was because I was working aaaall weekend. I arrived at 2pm on Friday…

IMG_1372 IMG_1373

…and didn’t end up leaving until Sunday at 3:30pm. Even though the weekend was absolutely crazy, it was really a lot of fun, and the time just flew by. It was busy Friday night with transient guests wanting information on the Harborfest and restaurants to dine at. Saturday was spent selling trolley tickets and informing guests where the best spot to watch the fireworks was. It helped that I was able to work with this goof ball in the morning too.


Mario for president! 😛


We were festive by giving flags and blue Hershey kisses out to guests. Even though the day was non-stop everyone was just in a good mood, and I had no problem repeating myself on where to watch the fireworks. I felt bad though because I was telling people to go on the Mass Ave or Longfellow bridges to see the fireworks but it turns out they were closed this year! I understand with the Longfellow construction but I was confused about Mass Ave. Apparently it was because they were shooting fireworks off from there!


After my 14 hour shift was over, I hightailed it up to my parents room since they were staying here for their anniversary. We enjoyed some champagne and the fireworks. My mom uttered “this is so freakin’ cool” at least 10 times throughout the 20 minute show. It was amazing.

Check out my Instagram (@jogconcierge) to see the video I took from the hotel room! I was enthralled, and we all felt like little kids.

On Sunday after I got out, I immediately called David to ask if he could pick up some Harpoon Summer for me. I was craving a beer like it was nobody’s business. And for dinner we had ribeyes on the cast iron skillet.


The house got smoky but the steaks were delicious! They barely needed a knife, and even though they were a bit overcooked, they were still moist *cringe* and perfectly seasoned (Montreal seasoning).

And after one beer and dinner, I passed out. I pretty much slept from 8PM to 8AM, and it felt glorious. I still have a couple of days of work before my 2 days off, and I’ll be working 6 days next week to cover someone’s vacation. Thankfully my vacation is coming up right after that! David and I are road-tripping; hoping to hit Toronto, Chicago, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.

How was your 4th of July weekend??


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