When it comes to pastries and gelato, I develop a weakness. Well, probably more for pastries than anything else. There’s nothing like a flaky crust enveloped around a delicious fruit filling. So when the G(reater) B(oston) C(oncierge) A(ssociation) put out an invitation to try a bakery and gelato spot on Newbury Street, I jumped at the chance.

Amorino is located at 249 Newbury Street in the Back Bay. It opened in March of this year and has since become the hot spot for their Italian gelato. It’s Italian style but made in France. From their breakfast menu, which they started a month ago, I opted for the apple turnover. The crust was flaky and buttery with an applesauce-y type filling. It would have been better with chunks of apple, but it was incredibly tasty. They also have waffles and crepes on their menu. For a beverage I had the latte macchiato which is a dose of Italian espresso served over hot milk. It was so rich and smooth and didn’t need sugar at all.

I was also completely enamored with the interior. It had the rustic modern feel that I love, with its exposed beams and romantic-style chandeliers.

IMG_1538   IMG_1541IMG_1539   IMG_1540

When I was done with the breakfast items, I moved on to sample some of their flavors of gelato. The most memorable were the pistachio, coconut, mango (sherbet), and basic vanilla. The coconut had shreds of coconut in it, and the vanilla was the perfect flavor of vanilla bean. They come in 4 cup sizes and 3 cone sizes, and they’re famous for the flower shape that they create with the gelato on a cone. Apparently it’s a Korean flower, and the owner made mention that about 80% of their clientele is Asian, just for that reason!

The shop is open daily from 7:30AM to 11PM, and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re ever in the Back Bay area!

The items at Amorino were complimentary, but the opinions are 100% my own.

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