Visiting the Wang Theatre

Earlier this month, the Greater Boston Concierge Association was treated to an amazing meeting at the Wang Theatre, to highlight their upcoming season. The shows being featured for this season include (but are not limited to): Riverdance, Elf: The Musical, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Once, and Rain: A Beatles Tribute. The Citi Performing Arts Center comprises of the Wang Theatre and the Shubert Theatre, both on Tremont Street in the Theatre District, and the Colonial Theatre on Boylston Street.

IMG_1619 IMG_1620

The grandiose of the theatre really captures you as you walk in the doors. The chandeliers sparkle, and you’re tempted to walk up and down the stairs pretending that you’re entering in to a grand ball. (No? Just me?)

IMG_1621 IMG_1624

After the meeting we were treated to a tour of the theatre. It started in the dressing rooms, moved its way down the back hallway, which was graced with signatures from past shows. (Most notable: Ron White, Hugh Jackman, Jerry Seinfeld, and the Dalai Lama), and ended in the best spot possible: the stage!

IMG_1639 IMG_1641 IMG_1643

It was such an awesome feeling being up on that stage. As a theatre buff, and past theatre performer, it was like heaven. I would love to be able to get back in to theatre. Time will tell if I ever get that chance! 🙂

What’s the best tour you have ever been on?


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