Tufts 10K 2015

Today was year number 3 for my running of the Tufts 10K; 5th year for my mom. We were both looking forward to the race, despite our less than stellar training weeks or the fact that the weather was in the 70s. Why this race starts at 12noon, I will never know. It’s fun getting to run through Boston and Cambridge though.

We arrived to the Boston Common at around 11AM and waited until they lined us up in our seeds at 11:30. I felt good and fueled, but the weather had me nervous. Although there was a slight breeze, the lack of cloud covers made the sun somewhat unbearable.

Tufts 10K

We decided to run at our own pace, and I got myself in to a nice groove around 10:15 minute miles. The course is mainly flat with a few up and down hills on the bridges. My pace slowed down as I was running, but luckily my stops were few and far between. I stopped to walk at 2 water stops, and walked for a few steps coming back over the Mass Ave bridge. I just kept telling myself “Don’t stop, don’t stop. Jog if you have to, but don’t stop!” Luckily that powered me through for the last mile. Additionally, taking off my hat and dumping water on my head helped greatly after around the 3 mile mark.

Time: 1:06:03
Pace: 10:38
Division: 595/1149
Overall: 2116/4301

Overall, a fine race that I’m actually quite proud of. Again, my training could have been better, but the weather wasn’t exactly in our favor, and I think I ran a smart race. 🙂

On to the next one! It’ll be my 5th year running the Pell Bridge Run in Newport. Always a favorite.


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