Our Latest Project

As some (still around) readers may remember, 3 years ago my husband and I embarked on our biggest project: building our very own house.

Our Handmade House

I still can’t believe we’ve been there for three years. Time sure does fly!

Since then, David has been itching to have another project to work on. Since we’ve gotten ourselves out of debt, we now have the means to cash flow said project. Just about a month or so ago, we were finally able to break ground on our new…

…garage! And it’s bigger than our house! The house is (approximately) 24 x 36, and the garage is 28 x 44. Yep, gargantuan! It’ll house our two cars and his workshop. For the time being, our goal is to get it weathered in, and installed with doors, before the winter hits. Next summer we’ll install the patio and get the structure insulated.


This was the garage about a week or so ago. This past weekend we installed the rafters over the side where the patio will be going. It’s going to be THE place for BBQ’s in the summer. 🙂


As I type this, David, my father in law, our neighbor, and friend are outside finishing the overhangs and putting up the sheathing on the roof. Once that’s complete, we can have someone come in to install the shingles. David is completely capable of doing it, but with our limited time before the winter comes, he’s decided to hire someone to get it done in a much quicker fashion.

And that’s what we’ve been up to lately! Work is busy but it will be slowing down during the holiday months. Can’t wait for the holidays to arrive!

What’s the biggest house project you’ve ever tackled?

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