Spirit of the Holidays: Day 1

This year I am definitely excited for the Christmas season. I was even tempted to put up my tree before Thanksgiving, but I was able to hold off until this past weekend.

Last year I attempted to enjoy as much as I could of the holiday season by doing something festive each day. It only lasted a few days, and this year I am determined to do more.

This morning, as I was working on a special gift for a family member, I had the tree lit and White Christmas playing in the background.


It’s not only my favorite Christmas movie, but quite possibly my favorite movie. It has everything: dancing, music, humor, and Bing Crosby’s gorgeous blue eyes.

“How much is wow?” “It’s between ‘ouch’ and ‘boing’.” “Wow.”

I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow; it can be as simple as putting peppermint in my coffee or making my list of Christmas card recipients. ‘Tis the season!

What are you doing to get in to the holiday spirit?


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