Our Valentine’s Celebration

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. And if you’re in the northeast, I hope you all stayed warm! I had to work on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and the lobby of the hotel was FAH-reezing. It didn’t help that the revolving doors were broken and the lobby is huge and hard to heat. Thankfully I had a powerful space heater and several layers on. I also took a few breaks to thaw out in the back office.

This past weekend was unbelievably busy. The hotel easily picked up 200 rooms in a 24 hour span, and we had a line to the door for check ins from 1:30 until about 5. It was chaotic but it made the day fly by. I worked 7 to 5 on Saturday and 7-2:30 on Sunday. After the Sunday shift, I hightailed it over to the Westin Waterfront where David and I were going to enjoy our holiday. Complimentary room for winning employee of the month last year!


The view from our room was spectacular! Apparently it was the same room that housed President Obama, Chelsea Clinton, and Matt Damon. Swanky. 🙂 The concierge (Thanks Matt!) was so kind to send up some refreshments for us: champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and cheese/crackers.


Before we enjoyed those treats, however, we had our evening to spend in Boston! We walked over to the World Trade Center to partake in this year’s Wine Expo. We arrived around 3:30 and stayed until the end at 5. We sampled wines from Italy, the Finger Lakes and South Africa. And of course, 90+ (one of my favorites!). We sampled a few of the food booths but some of the lines were too long to wait. I also ran into Marie, whom I won the tickets from. Loved seeing her again!


After the expo we walked over to Miel at the Intercontinental for our dinner. And here is where our dinner could have turned in to a disaster. I admit, I was a bit out of it given how much wine I had and how little food I had eaten. My mind wasn’t completely straight, but thankfully, David’s was. I had failed to check to see if their regular menu was going to be available; lo and behold, since it was a holiday, it was a prix fixe menu. Normally it wouldn’t be an issue but we went there specifically for their French onion and pistou soups. I was almost ready to walk out, but David told the server how much we were looking forward to having those dishes. Our server, Stephen, was so incredibly accommodating and allowed us to modify our menus to have what we wanted (the menu was heavy on fish). I don’t know if it was because Stephen knew me since I used to work at the hotel, but in any case he could have easily said “no, I’m sorry”, but he allowed us to have our soups and then a steak dish for David and a shrimp pasta for myself. It ended up being a very delicious dinner, although far more expensive than what we were hoping to spend.

Overall though, our Valentine’s stay was lovely. We had breakfast at the hotel restaurant in the morning (steel cut oatmeal for me, blueberry pancakes for David), and after he left for work, I meandered my way around Boston until my shift at 2. Yep, I walked about 3 and a half miles through Boston in 20* weather. It was a beautiful day though, so I didn’t mind it. I had lunch and then did a bit of shopping on my way.

So that was our holiday! Not exactly how things were planned, but enjoyable nonetheless. And it definitely proved that David can remain level headed far better than myself. 😉

How was your holiday weekend?


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