TBT: 10 Years Ago & Now

I just happened to catch this on Rachel’s blog (one of my favorites!) and thought it would be fun to reflect on 10 years ago. It’s especially fitting since my 10 year college reunion is coming up! How did I get to be so old. 😉

Fast Food: 

10 years ago: I was all about the Wendy’s around this time. I loved their chili, hamburgers, and Frosty’s.

Today: Chick Fil A, hands down. (I’m going to have to concur with Rachel on this one!)

Favorite Food: 

10 years ago: I’m pretty sure I subsisted on Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Elio’s pizza, and ice cream. Not exactly the beacon of health back then. And enjoying some sangria in Madrid.


Today: Thankfully I’ve developed much more healthy eating habits. I still enjoy pizza and ice cream but in modest amounts. Italian and Mexican are my favorite cuisines.


10 years ago: If I ate anything at breakfast it would have been a sugary cereal or a bagel loaded with cream cheese.

Today: Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I could easily eat it all day. I love to mix it up with scrambled eggs, muffins, yogurt, oatmeal, and cereal.


10 years ago: At this exact time (February 2006) I was amidst a really weird relationship where I ended up being the “home-wrecker”; it wasn’t until July of that year that I met David. 🙂

Today: Almost 10 years together and just over 7 years married! ❤


Age / Life Stage:

10 years ago: I was a 21 (almost 22) year old college senior and just got back from spending a month in Spain with my school. I was studying Hospitality in the hopes of becoming a wedding planner.

Today: At 31 (almost 32) years old, I’m married, working in Boston and living in a house that my husband built. Our plans on starting a family are coming in to focus as well.


10 years ago: I was just finishing college and working at Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse in Peabody (now a Container Store).

Today: I absolutely love my job as a hotel concierge. I’ve had the most amazing opportunities to try out different restaurants and experiences. I almost feel like a bit of a celebrity in the city. 😉


10 years ago: My mom gave me her bright red Mazda Protégé when I graduated from high school. It was the most fun car, especially since it was a manual.

Today: I love my Toyota Corolla! We bought it brand new in 2013 and paid it off in the summer of 2014. Eventually, we might look into getting a Tesla for myself (when they come down in price of course). It would be so cool to drive an electric car!

Coffee Shop of Choice:

10 years ago: I was obsessed with Starbucks’ White chocolate mocha’s. I think that’s what aided in my weight gain. 😉

Today: I love local coffee shops now (Pavement Coffee, 1369 Coffee House, Barrington Coffee, Thinking Cup). My favorites are the iced coffee from Thinking Cup and the London Fog (earl gray latte) from 1369.


10 years ago: Obsessed with Target and Old Navy. Such is the life of a college student.

Today: I still like to go to Target for some things (or all the things!) and Old Navy for my jeans. I love Banana Republic and the Loft nowadays. I’m having fun shopping too since I continue to lose some pounds.

Hair Care:

10 years ago: Loved Herbal Essences for color care. I was big into the chunky blonde (my hair is naturally light brunette). I also loved to scrunch it when it was wet.


Today: I love the Suave Professional shampoo/conditioner for fine hair. When I blow dry my hair, I use a hot heat, then blast with cold just as it all gets dry. Then I use a straight iron to flatten away some of the waviness. I then use Garnier Fructis hair spray for humidity to hold things in place.

me 2


10 years ago: Oh gosh, did I even have a favorite super hero? Maybe Batman because I really enjoyed the movies.

Today: I love the Avengers. Notably Captain America and Hawkeye. *Swoon*


10 years ago: My absolute favorite book at that time was “Mermaid’s Singing” by Lisa Carey. It’s about three generations of Irish/Irish-American women; it’s really raw and emotional. And it made me think of my travels to Ireland two years prior.

Today: I love, love, love James Patterson books. They’re nothing mind blowing but it’s such an addictive read.


What a fun little trip down memory lane! I can’t wait to attend my reunion this summer. It’ll be fun to see people I haven’t seen in the past 10 years. Although the one’s that matter most are the one’s I see more often. 😉

Tell me a little something about yourself based on these questions!


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