Scenes from the Weekend

Happy Monday evening everyone!

My weekend was a much needed one full of good food and relaxation. I had Thursday through Sunday off, and it was glorious. It definitely helped that the weather was awesome, and spring-like, in Massachusetts!

Thursday was National Drink Wine Day and of course, I had to participate. But which one to choose from?


I ended up enjoying some Riesling in the afternoon. The whole day was spent running errands: grocery shopping, getting gas, cleaning the house. I cooked some enchiladas for David since I wasn’t going to be home that evening for dinner. Instead, I met up with my mom and we went to her friends house to sing! They invited me along to try out and sing with their a cappella group for a show in April. Thankfully the “audition” went well and the director thought that I would fit well with the group. A couple more rehearsals and then the show! Very much looking forward to it. Along with the singing, we enjoyed some more wine and Chinese food for dinner. 🙂

On Friday I pretty much stayed around the house all day and it was glorious. I printed up a 5K training plan for the upcoming race in April, and it starts today! (Well, rest day today and then 3 miles tomorrow.)


For dinner, I really wanted to do something special. I set up the dining room table and had a pork roast cooking in the crock pot all day. We had it alongside salad and some champagne.

Saturday, David and I spent the whole day together. In the morning we went to New Hampshire to visit the tool outlet and Costco (thank you no sales tax!). He found a pneumatic stapler at the tool outlet and some LED shop lights at Costco. Can we also talk about how awesome Costco is?? I’m so used to shopping at BJ’s and while they do have a wider selection, the options at Costco are still amazing and the yearly membership is rather cheap ($55). And can we talk about all of the samples?? I think we went back multiple times for a few of the samples (burgers and cinnamon bread). We’ve pretty much decided that we’ll travel to the NH location twice a year to do a big haul. I’ll have to document it the next time we do! We picked up a few things but I could have easily bought out the whole place. 😉

For dinner, we were bad and ordered chicken wings and Little Caesar’s pizza. It was delicious though and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Sunday was spent lazing around in the morning and then finally getting to work on the garage. I finished taping the ceiling (I did the whole thing myself!) and we finished the stem walls around the perimeter. There’s still so much to get done but at least we can work inside now. Because the outside is (pretty much) done!

That night we indulged in some of David’s (amazing!) burgers. I topped mine with pickles, onions, and ketchup, and we had some Alexia potato puffs alongside.


Overall it was a wonderful weekend and I was ready to get into the work mode today. I had a lot of e-mails to catch up on, and thankfully the desk hasn’t been crazy busy. We’ll see how the week goes! I’m excited to be going to a concierge dinner this Wednesday in the North End. I’ll be sure to report!

How was your weekend?


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