Brunch at Puritan & Company

Originally posted in March 2014

A few weekend’s ago I had the absolute pleasure of being chosen to join the Boston Brunchers to one of their many delicious destinations. The restaurant this month was at Puritan & Company in Inman Square, Cambridge. It’s the location of the former Bosphorus restaurant that my sister in law, Grace, and I went to years ago. It took a bit for me to register that it was the same place. The décor was modern country, with comfortable tables and banquettes, and a bar that looked like it was straight out of a country kitchen. I loved what the new owners did with the space.

They serve modern American cuisine with an emphasis on traditional New England dishes. When all possible, their ingredients are sourced locally and from farms that they are familiar with. They boast that the environment of the restaurant is that of being casual and fun, as if you’re dining at home. I can certainly attest to the fact that our server, Dave, was both causal and fun.

2014-03-23 13.09.12


In the middle of the restaurant there was a table adorned with different types of pastries. Thankfully we were able to try them all at our table.


The pastries we were offered were:

  • Boston Cream Donut
  • Dulce de Leche + Coconut Danish
  • Banana Bread
  • Preserved Lemon Corn Muffin
  • Chocolate-Cherry Almond Blondie
  • Bacon + Cheese Pinwheels

I think it’s safe to say that my favorite was the lemon corn muffin. Anything with lemon is the way to my heart. Smile I was told that the Danish was to die for but I didn’t get a chance to sample that one.


In addition to having the whole menu to choose from for brunch, we were also able to choose one of the Sunday Sippers to enjoy. I’ve never been a bloody Mary fan and I’ve had my share of mimosa’s, so the Park Avenue cocktail it was! It’s a good thing that it came in such a small glass, too, because it was a strong, and sweet, drink. And very delicious.


There were so many great options to choose from, ranging from eggs to pancakes to steak to quiches. I decided on the broccoli and cheddar scramble with a side of applewood smoked bacon. Alongside were an arugula salad and a piece of toast. The meal was simple yet delicious. I dare say that everything was prepared perfectly. The salad was crisp and peppery; the eggs had just the right amount of cheddar and the broccoli was abundant; the bacon was cooked just right: crispy and fatty.

Of course we couldn’t help but take pictures of the griddled pancakes and the corned beef hash around us. Everyone seemed to be enjoying their meal. I know I was!


The brunch at Puritan and Company was my first with the Boston Brunchers. I feel extremely fortunate to have been chosen to dine with these wonderful bloggers and I can see why it’s such a popular event. I certainly hope to join in on more in the coming months!

This brunch was complimentary but all opinions are my own.

Puritan and Company is located at 1166 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA.

Puritan & Company on Urbanspoon

Where’s your favorite place for brunch?


7 thoughts on “Brunch at Puritan & Company”

    1. Hi Lauren! Follow the Boston Brunchers website and they usually have raffle for a brunch about every month. It wasn’t guaranteed that I would get in, but I’m so glad I did! It was a lot of fun. 🙂 Brunch really is the best meal.

  1. Bad enough I didn’t win my way to brunch (yet again…), but seeing how good it was is rubbing salt in the wound! Perhaps I’ll win a spot at a brunch sometime before they lower me into a pine box.

    Glad you all had a good time!

  2. Those pastries look incredible! I still haven’t been over there. It’s so strange because I lived around the corner before it opened and I’m sure I’d be there all the time if I still did. Especially for those doughnuts!

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