BAA 5K Training: Week 1

AKA: The only race that I’ll be running this year (as it stands right now).

Although it’s just a 5K, I want to be able to do really well. I’m not sure how realistic that goal will be though since my recent runs have been on the slow side. I know it’ll take a while to get back up to the speed I had a few years ago. It might not happen in time for this particular race (April 16), but I certainly want to see what I’m capable of. Thank goodness the weather has been cooperative for training too! It’s crazy to think of the snow we had this time last year. I am loving the mild winter, that’s for sure.

And with that, here’s my training for the past week!

Monday 2/22: Rest Day

Tuesday 2/23: 3 Miles @ 30:31 @ 10:04 pace


Wednesday 2/24: 4 x 500 @ 24:57 @ 10:21 pace


Thursday 2/25: Rest Day

Friday 2/26: 3 Miles @ 30:26 @ 10:08 pace


Saturday 2/27: Rest Day

Sunday 2/28: 3.5 miles @ 35:05 @ 10:01 pace


There’s definitely a lot of work to be done! My legs were super tight all week, and yesterday they finally loosened up. Hopefully as I continue to run, stretch and foam roll, it’ll all get easier, and a bit more fun if I’m being honest. Seeing the slow pace does bum me out but I just remember that I’ve taken a lot of time off from running. Just being out there with my music is enough to keep me motivated. 🙂

Are you training for anything right now?

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