BAA 5K Training – Week 2

This past week wasn’t especially high in terms of mileage, but I’m glad that my speed is gradually getting faster. If you’re from New England you know the weird weather we’ve been having lately! And since I had singing rehearsal on Thursday my runs were cut a bit short to keep my voice from getting too raspy. (That tends to happen when I run in cold weather). And to be perfectly honest, I just wasn’t feeling it this past week. I’m sure with the warmer weather upon us, I’ll be more inclined to get outside. I know that this is just a minor step back. 🙂

Monday 2/29: Rest

Tuesday 3/1: 3 Miles @ 29:35 @ 9:51 pace

Wednesday 3/2: Tempo Run – 2.46 miles @ 24:05 @ 9:47 pace

Thursday 3/3: Rest (Rehearsal today! I love singing with my mom and her friends)

Friday 3/4: Day off and just felt like being lazy. It was also snowing off and on today.

Saturday 3/5: 2.35 miles @ 21:29 @ 9:08 pace – I didn’t run with my Garmin on this one and turned around at an arbitrary point. I mapped it out on MapMyRun and thought this might be around the point that I turned around. I did try to just run fast too (the plan called for 3 miles fast)

Sunday 3/6: Rest – Helped David with the garage and just enjoyed his company before going to work.


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