Moving Up

Today is such a bittersweet day as it’s my last here at the concierge desk of the hotel. If we’re friends on Facebook or you follow me on Instagram you may already know: I got a promotion at work!

Starting next Monday I’ll be the new Executive Assistant to the General Manager at the hotel (every time I say that I think of Assistant to the Traveling Secretary). It’s a huge step up for me, and even though I still had to go through the interview process, it was extremely flattering that the GM asked about me personally.

Of course now this means a whole new wardrobe! I even gave away some of my office wear a few months ago since I thought I’d be living in uniforms. Luckily I was able to find two beautiful Calvin Klein suits at Burlington Coat Factory for only $60 each (retail price of $280!).


I also have some gift cards to Old Navy and TJ Maxx so I can at least get a good rotating selection of tops. It’ll be a work in progress for sure.

I guess the big question now is: what should my blog name be?? I’m not technically a concierge anymore, although the “Jogging Concierge” does still have a nice ring to it. I hope to still be active in Boston and surrounding areas, but we’ll see if I feel like changing things up in terms of name and identity.

And on another (singing) note, this past weekend I sang alongside my mom and other lovely ladies of Stardust Chorus to sing at the Algonquin Club in Back Bay. It was such an amazing experience, and I’ve forgotten how much I love singing in a group. We’ll have to see if it parlays into something I do on the regular. And it’s always fun to be able to play dress up:

algonquin club

So those are the updates in my life! Oh, and on the garage front:


We have electricity! Such a lovely thing. 🙂

What’s new in your life??


Scenes from My Week

A favorite breakfast of an English muffin with fried egg, veggie bacon and Laughing Cow French onion cheese spread. One of my colleagues brought back some freeze dried chocolate flavored coffee from Columbia. A teaspoon in a cup of coffee = delicious!

One of my favorite parts of the job is getting to put together amenities to have placed in the room for a guests special occasion. In this case, the husband requested flowers and chocolate for his wife’s 30th birthday. The Godiva came from our gift shop, and I purchased the flowers at the local supermarket and placed them in a vase from banquets. Later that day the husband came down and said that his wife loved them. Yah! Always love hearing that. 🙂


I’m ashamed to say that prior to a couple of weeks ago, it had been 10 years since my last eye exam. I have astigmatism and a slight lazy left eye, so it wasn’t the smartest doing on my part to go so long. And since I recently lost my glasses, it was kind of a sign that I needed to get things checked out and get some new glasses. Last Tuesday, they finally came in! No more headaches or strains from looking at the computer all day.


And an update on the garage: our doors have been put in! I feel like such an adult when I use my clicker in the car to open the door. As much as I’m liking this mild winter we’re having so far, I wouldn’t mind a storm or two so that I DON’T have to shovel off snow for once. 😉


Work was crazy for a few days: Double shift on Wednesday, then stayed over to work Thursday morning; met a friend for a drink at a restaurant that he currently manages, then attended a reception at Symphony Hall. Had my previous days not been as busy, I may have stayed for the performance, but I knew I needed to get home and sleep since I had to work at 7 the next morning.

Yesterday I attended an AMAZING performance of Ragtime at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester with my mom. It’s my favorite musical and had been years since I’ve seen it. The soundtrack is a constant in my CD player, and it took everything I had to not start belting out the songs as they were being performed. The songs brought me to tears, and certain parts of the show had my heart racing. Every actor was absolutely amazing, especially the gentleman who played Coalhouse Walker Jr.!


This week should be much quieter, and thankfully, I’m not working a double shift. This Wednesday is the associate party and they’ll be announcing the Associate of the Year! P.S. I’m in the running! 🙂

How was your week/weekend? And Happy February!

Too Busy

Can I breathe yet??

It has been such a crazy time these past few weeks. The second to last weekend in July, David and I went on a road trip to Canada and Ohio. I still haven’t had time to sit down and write everything up! But here are a couple of my favorite pictures:

IMG_1519 IMG_1590

Toronto was to visit his aunt and Ohio was…within a reasonable driving distance. 😉 Hopefully I can get some time to share all of the pictures I took and tell you about the trip.

Right now I’m just trying to breathe and relax. Within the last 6 months we’ve lost two people at the desk and one is down to part time. I’m essentially the only real “full time” concierge, and that’s translated into long hours and long weeks. Thankfully I’m not completely drained by it because I love my job, and I’m more than happy to help out when I can. And once we hire some new people, I’ll be number three in the roster! I’ve never risen up so far and so fast at any desk. And once I’m eligible, the hotel is sponsoring me to go for my Les Clefs d’Or. I just have a couple more months until I can apply, but now I’m get all my paper work lined up to start the application process.

Otherwise, life has been good for myself and David. We just received word that the town is allowing us a special permit to be able to build a new garage on our property. (Because we have no road frontage, any new construction/foundation has to go through the board of appeals.) Last weekend was busy, busy as we attended a Red Sox game on Friday night (they won!) and spent an afternoon in Providence with my mom’s side of the family on Saturday. Sunday was a 12 hour shift at the hotel. It was busy in the afternoon but the evening quieted down a bit.



I love the fact that today and tomorrow I have nothing on my schedule. Next week will be 6 days of work, with one day of hanging out with my mom at her company’s work outing. I expect the week after to be the same (on the work front), but I’ve been assured that they’re working diligently to find replacements. It’s a BUSY desk to work at so they have to find the right fit.

Running has taken a bit of a back seat, but I do have a training schedule planned out for my next 10K in October (the Tufts 10K). It’s an intermediate plan that has more running days so I’m hoping it works well with my schedule.

I guess that’s all the updates I have so far! I hope to “talk” to you guys more on the regular, but things may stay crazy up until October.

How has your summer been so far?